Seafood recipes all over the world are all time favorites. It is surprising how with the same handful of ingredients a thousand different dishes could be cooked when the right techniques are chosen. One of the most important steps in cooking these recipes is choosing the right ingredients.

Fresh seafood

Most people prefer buying fresh ingredients to frozen ones. If you are lucky enough to find a reliable seller who stocks fresh ingredients then your work gets simpler. Seafood, like any other variety of meat would require the best storage conditions to ensure their freshness. A lot can be understood about the ingredients from their appearance and their smell. But if you are a beginner this might be a little difficult to guess. Look for fish that have clear eyes and look fresh and free of slime. Intact scales would also indicate freshness. Ammonia like odor from the fish might indicate that they are old. Another visible indication is the dryness and color changes that are evident at the first sight. Similar criteria exist for buying oysters, lobsters and other ingredients as well. Based on the actual ingredient you are purchasing consider all the requirements for ensuring the freshness of the products.

Frozen seafood

Most beginners prefer sticking with the easier option, frozen seafood. These are often processed and packed. So, your work is done if you are able to find a brand you can trust. Look then for the packing and the expiry dates and also the storage conditions of the package. Ensure that you only buy packs that are still fresh and stay away from those that are broken, or have damaged packaging. It is the packaging that help retain the ideal conditions for the seafood. Frozen seafood can be bought in bulk and stored in your freezer.