When your body has excess levels of toxins, then it starts showing on your skin and hair. Naturally lustrous hair and a healthy flawless skin are possible only if you get rid of the toxins in your body. For information about the drug, detox visit PaySpi website.

  1. Sun damage

Exposure to the sun doesn’t just damage the skin but also your hair. Brittle hair that looks weak could be a sign that your body needs better protection from direct sun exposure.

  1. Sleep issues

Lack of sleep and irregular or unhealthy sleeping habits lead to weak hair that has lost its shine. Sleep deprivation, in the long run, leads to severe hair fall.

  1. Anemia

Hair loss is one of the early signs of iron deficiency. This is one of the main reasons for hair fall during pregnancy.

  1. Deficiencies

Deficiencies in essential minerals or vitamins and proteins can all lead to the deterioration of the hair health. Keratin is the base protein that builds up the hair and when the body doesn’t have healthy levels of protein it can affect the health of the hair and slow down the growth of hair.

  1. Dehydration issues

Dehydration leads to dry and lifeless hair. In fact, when the body is not getting enough water intake daily it can easily be identified by the excessive dryness of the skin and the hair.

  1. Problems in the thyroid glands

Irregularities in the thyroid hormones can lead to excess hair fall. Hypothyroidism has several symptoms one of which is a sudden unexplained increase in hair fall.

  1. Stress

Stress, much like lack of sleep can lead to hair troubles. It can also lead to early aging signs like greying and thinning of the hair.

When you notice hair troubles like too much hair loss and lack of hair growth in the area where hair falls off, a sudden change in the color or texture of the hair, these could all indicate some health issues that deserve your immediate attention.