Many of us have witnessed the construction of huge skyscrapers in most of the cities and towns we live in. These were areas which were barren lands once but now they are all the most productive places for revenue. These skyscrapers are 90 percent of the time built into huge and beautiful shopping malls-a multiplex cinema theatre, restaurants, ice creams and pizza centers, clothing and other accessories.

Now it’s all available in a single place. Gone are the days when people bought new clothes only for festivals and ate outside only on special occasions. It’s all in a new trend now. Shopping has become one of the favorite hobbies. A necessity to buy required items on a timely basis before has now become something which is an entertainment factor.

Shopping malls contribute a lot to this new change in thoughts of people and their technology striven lives. The smartphone allows finding anything under the sun in just a tap. There are many applications which help to find details like “get the best places to eat near me”, “the nearest store locator for any clothing line” etc. through these applications the most places we search will be situated in a mall. The malls are structured in such a way that customers can find anything that they are looking for. There are also times when we accompany friends to shop and ultimately end up buying for ourselves. It is all because of the attractiveness of these shops inside the malls.

The identity that malls and restaurants are functioning depending on each other is because that it has become a necessity to eat a complete meal or snack at the place you shop. It is a necessity these days. The time is also one reason here, as we can never judge that we could shop within a stipulated time, our need to refresh ourselves with food arises. With this concept, it is very clear that malls and restaurants now work in a lot of unity to cater to needs of people and also accumulate their revenue.