Getting inked and not getting infected is a happy ending and perfect scenario for tattoo lovers and it is a success story in the account of the tattoo artist. All you need to do to be free away from doctors after getting inked is follow the instructions that are given by tattoo person. You can find best tattoo healing stages info here:

  • The first aftercare step after getting a tattoo is kept it wrapped with help of bandage until an hour or maybe a whole day and this time will be decided by an artist based on your skin type.
  • Remove bandage by soaking it in warm water a then wash your tattoo with mild soap without fragrance and warm water.
  • After washing it clean it by using a paper towel and gently pat the area until it is dry.
  • Before applying an antiseptic ointment as thin layer make sure it is completely dry without moisture.
  • This process of washing and applying the moisturizer should be done twice a day at least.
  • Yes, we agree that the tattoo healing stages are little difficult and itchy but never ever pull away flaking and scabbing skin because it may delay the process of healing and increase the chance of infection.
  • Do not expose your newly inked place to the sun until it is fully healed.
  • Stay away from water at amusement parks or other places as they may contain nasty bacteria which can cause damage to your healing process and make the situation worst.
  • Post-healing of tattoo also take care and keep it away from the sun and apply moisturizer daily to ensure that your tattoo is dark.
  • And do not take food that may cause the formation of puss

These are the steps which are required to take care of tattoo so that your ink will look crisp, sharp and look colorful at its best.